The Studio

Live room with space for multiple musicians Acoustic partitions create adjacent drum room Ability to record vocalists "live" from isolated vocal room

The Artists

Folky Dokey Folky Dokey

"Working with Doug on our recording has been a real pleasure. His professionalism, attention to details, concern for our needs and wants, understanding of music and its performance, and his generous and winning personality, have all made the process very enjoyable and not at all the chore it might have been."


Betsy Tacy CoverBetsy Tacy Society

"It was a pleasure working with Cellar Sound Studios. Our recording project was professionaly guided form start to finish. We're extremely proud of the finished product we received and would highly recommend CSS to anyone." Julie Schrader, Executive Director, Betsy-Tacy Society.

Waiting for Evaporation Wayne Schmidt

"It certainly was a pleasure working with Doug at his Cellar Sound Studios. As a nervous guy recording my first CD he was very accommodating and easy to work with.  His command of the controls, and knowledge of the art of recording were superb, I was very pleased with the final product and would highly recommend Cellar Sound Studios."